World’s biggest Triceratops skeleton ‘Big John’ to be auctioned

An enormous triceratops nicknamed “Big John” is expected to fetch big bucks on the auction block in France, in October.

The skeleton of a 66-million-year-old giant Triceratops fossil could soon belong to someone if they have an estimated $1.4 million to spare.

Big John’s skeleton is more than 66 million years old and is 60% complete. It is the largest triceratops ever found, measuring about 26 feet long. Its skull is 75% complete and is 6.6 feet wide while his two largest horns are 3 feet 7 inches long and more than 11.8 inches wide at their base, able to withstand 16 tons of pressure, according to auctioneers Binoche et Giquello.

Big John lived in Laramidia, an island continent which stretched from present-day Alaska to Mexico and perished in an ancient flood plain currently known as the Hell Creek formation in South Dakota, where he was discovered by palaeontologist Walter W. Stein Bill in May 2014. The dinosaur was excavated a year later, and later restored in Italy, the company said in a statement.

French auction house Giquello will display the massive fossil to the public from September 16 to Octtober15 at 13 Rue des Archives in Paris, Giquello representatives said in a statement. On October 18, it will make its debut appearance at the Parisian auction house Hotel Drouot. In the Parisian auction house, it will be auctioned on October 21 to the highest bidder. Big John is expected to fetch between $1.4 million and $1.7 million at auction on Oct. 21 at the Drouot auction house in Paris.

with Capitan Studios