Israel-Palestine Conflict

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has exaggerated within this small duration. It is not a new born conflict but it is a very historical conflict that has taken a disastrous shape with the advent of time. This conflict is one of the longest pertaining issues in the whole history. Many ways have been thought to come to a middle way between Israel and Palestine but nothing seems to work for these two nations.

Historical Background

Israel and Palestine have their long-lasting conflict due to the possession of the land piece. Arabs and Jews believed that the land belongs to them and as soon as this issue came into the limelight it caught the interest of everyone and started causing various repercussions. The borders of Gaza were controlled by Israel and Egypt. The Palestinian militant group rules Gaza and they are predominantly known as Hamas.

The Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank thought that their lives were suffering because of Israel’s actions. On the other hand, Israel believed that they were merely trying to protect themselves from the violence posed by Palestine. Muslims and Jews were unable to resolve their issues and then British rulers decided to take a toll and declared Israel as the new state.

This decision was unacceptable to people and gave rise to the war between them. By the end of the war Israel held a great proportion of territory, and Palestinians were forced to become refugees. None of them were ready to listen to the peace pact therefore this cycle of speculations and war kept ongoing.

Recent Conflict

Recently a devastating conflict has been witnessed between Israel and Palestine. This tension arose due to the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court that evicted six Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah. This area was annexed by Israel but the annexure was a matter of dispute. This has given rise to a lot of heat among the protestors. The Israeli police have stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque which is one of the most sacred places to Judaism.

This attack took a very brutal shape and further worsened the situation. After this event, the Palestinian militant groups fire rockets into Israel from the Gaza strip that devastated various residencies and a school in Israel. In turn, Israel also launched the airstrikes that have targeted various buildings, refugee camps, and office buildings in Palestine. This event has taken the lives of many innocents and has left Palestinians shattered. Both sides were suffering in one way or the other that has shaken the entire nation.

USA’s stand on the conflict

The USA has urged Israel and Palestine to resolve its issues at the earliest. The President has also stated that Israel has the complete right to defend itself. But the US has blocked any sort of discussion regarding this matter. There are certain sections of US lawmakers who believe that the Israeli Prime Minister is responsible for the escalation of such a situation and they are trying to put pressure upon him so that the situation lands to its normalcy. The US is predominantly trying to focus on tackling China instead of the Middle East at the present moment.

Regional Power’s stand on the conflict

Various Arab nations have decided to support Israel or Palestine. Saudi Arabia and UAE have shown their support towards Israel whereas Iran and Turkey have put their hand forward to help Palestine. Various other regions are trying their level best to calm the situation between Israel and Palestine. Russian authorities are a central hub that is continuously in contact with Hamas and Israel. China is also taking charge in settling the situation to whatever extent it is possible.

India’s stand on the conflict

India has stated that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is an internal matter for the nation and they want the situation to turn out to normal as soon as it can. India was initially having an Israel-Palestine relationship but due to this conflict, India has de-hyphenated its policy and now has separate relations with Israel and Palestine. There are chances that India can be a part of regaining peace between Israel and Palestine under the leadership of the US.

Bottom Line

There are no concrete pieces of evidence observing how soon this conflict will come to an end. Every nation is trying its best to bring mutual harmony between Israel and Palestine. There are a lot of innocents who are suffering to a great extent due to this conflict. And there are others whose lives have been endangered due to this scenario. So, let’s all pray and join hands to give strength to Israel and Palestine to resolve their issue. May they rest their centuries-old enmity and live a harmonious life.