Impact of Remote Working on Recruitment Industry

Remote working has impacted nearly every sector of the society – the private or the corporate sector, the public or government sector, or the non-profit sector. Remote work was always present even before the coronavirus pandemic forced many to work from their homes. Working remotely doesn’t always mean “from home”. By doing this, companies have provided employees with the choice of working from their desired workspace.

Remote meeting. Woman working from home during coronavirus or COVID-19 quarantine, remote office concept.

According to Global Workplace Analytics’ analysis of 2018 ACS data ( , remote work has grown by 173% since 2005. The impact of remote working has benefitted the Recruitment Industry in many ways. It cuts down on the costs involved in office renting or buying as you wouldn’t need office space to accommodate the employees. It also cuts down on the costs of buying the office supplies such as phones, computers, food, commutes, electricity, and internet. 

Working remotely also helps in reducing employee turnover. With no commute and long hours in the office, working remotely improves the health and well-being of an employee but that shouldn’t encourage employers from stopping employees to take medical leaves. By doing this, employers no longer need to replace highly trained professionals which can cost them a lot of money.

Remote working can also make businesses more competitive as it attracts top talents. Companies are no longer restricted to a specific geographic area which helps them find top talents from different parts of the world. 

Technology is going to become more advanced and bring us all virtually ever closer together. Remote working is here to stay.