Our Youth in Addiction

Our youth is the very important and emotional stage of their lives, where every youngsters are similarly addicted to good things and bad things. Youngsters are getting affected when taking up responsibilities such as unpaid works, experiences, different cultural perspectives, traditions or sexual relations.

Here, 9 types of addiction’s category are mentioned : 

1. Addiction and substance abuse organisations 

2. Addiction medicine 

3. Behavioural addiction

4. Drug rehabilitation

5. Smoking 

6. Substance abuse 

7. Twelve-step programs 

8. Works about addiction

9. Writers on addiction

Photo by Sara Bakhshi

Every year, youngsters are badly addicted to drug and smoke. Some youngsters take it for their passion and some take it for their depression. Sometimes they feel so confident about their self and sometimes they completely give up on their self, and that really pushes them towards depression. Some find solace in good addictions like work, focus on their career, which really makes them feel positive, alive, and a pleasurable person again. But the on opposite side, some youngsters are connected to bad choices like drugs ,smoke etc.

It is our responsibility to teach our youth about addictions, because we are equally responsible for guiding them through their decisive years that moulds our future.

Article by Priya Das