Home Business Ideas

1. Data Entry Guru

It might not be the most lucrative or stimulating job in the universe, but data entry can certainly give you the funds you need to work from home or abroad. Forget cubicles—kick your feet up on that tropical beach chair and relax as you work.

Plus, data entry jobs rarely require a lot of time or attention, unlike many on this list of home business ideas. Listen to your favourite podcasts or audiobooks as you work your own hours!

2. College Consultant

If you’re a top-notch editor with a deep understanding of how college admissions works—including standardised test preparation, personal statement requirements, supplemental essay requirements, applicant statistics, and even financial aid—then you might be able to snag a rather well-paying job as a college consultant. Some families are willing and able to pay through the nose to make sure their kids submit the best possible applications to their dream schools….

And you can help.

It’s by no means an easy job, as it requires a lot of knowledge and skillsets, but it can bring in a lot of cash for a home-based business. A head’s up: Some clients might want to see a top-tier college in your own educational background as proof of your past success.

3. Online Tutor

Whether you’re an expert in a certain subject matter, like calculus or biology, or you’ve secured top scores on standardised tests, like the SATs or MCATs, you may be able to share that knowledge with current students looking to get an edge.

So if you have a passion for teaching, are up-to-date and the formats and policies of the tests you plan to instruct students on, and feel comfortable handling the content, then it might be time to start marketing yourself as an online tutor.

And just like with the rest of these online home business ideas, you can easily service customers over the phone or, in this case, a video conferencing program like Skype.

4. Event Planner

Everyone plans events—but not everyone lives and breathes it. Do you love coordinating food and drinks, invitations, scheduling conflicts, music, gifts, goody bags, and every other aspect of the parties or events you’ve set up?

From birthdays to weddings, corporate get-togethers, and local conventions, the world is your oyster when it comes to events to plan. If you’re passionate about logistics, then this home business idea is worth looking more into.

5. Blogger and Affiliate Marketer

Maybe you’re a writer at heart, but putting pen to paper for other people’s companies just doesn’t motivate you.

Not a problem! If you believe that your own words of wisdom will get readers running over to your internet blog, then it can be another one of those home business ideas for you to consider.

While managing a blog in and of itself won’t net you any money—in fact, it’ll cost you to purchase a domain, upgrade the appearance, and run marketing campaigns—there are a few ways for you to monetise your blog. You could offer up advertising space, which is a useful but typically minor revenue stream, but a lot more money is often found in sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, a sort of product placement, will let you receive nice checks from companies in return for advocating for their goods and services. Although this might sound a bit iffy, if you truly do recommend that your readers try out these products, then it doesn’t need to come across as sales-y or insincere. Readers will understand that you need to make money somehow, and many will appreciate your recommendations if they’re accurate.

Plus, if you’re in the blogging game for long enough, then you might even be able to score a real, live book deal!